Our Camperas Boots ideal for horse riding
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On many occasions we are asked what are the ideal boots for riding , especially if the person has just started riding lessons and does not know how long they will last. My answer is always the same; practically any boot will do if you are going to ride sporadically (even a pair of sneakers, or who hasn't done the typical horse riding excursion when we are on vacation). Another thing is that we go riding on a regular basis or that our love or love for horses makes us be with them practically every day. In such a case, we should look for boots that are not only comfortable but also quality, durable and non-aesthetic .

Bota Sancho Boots Veracruz BrownI want to introduce you to the women who love horse riding or dressage the women's boots VERACRUZ which are in two colors, black and brown.

They are ideal boots for riding horses; their fabrication good year welted makes them have an incredible resistance.

This type of manufacture was used more than 100 years ago in the United States to manufacture the cowboy boots that farmers used to work with. This system allowed the use of good quality leathers (even if they were a little rough and unattractive) when the sole of the boot was worn, it was possible to replace it with a new one that was sewn back on to the boot.

I know that for people who do not know how to make a boot and less of these characteristics may seem strange, but the truth is that the boot is sewn to a plant that is turned and then the whole of the boot plus the plant are sewn to the sole of the boot and finally ends up sticking the heel.

Today this is no longer done because the soles that are made of natural leather have a high quality tanning that makes them very resistant and in some models are even protected with a rubber spy (although this is used more when its usual use is to ride a motorcycle, because they always drag a little bit the foot when braking or starting).

The Sancho Boots with a minimum of maintenance they assure us a half life of 8 or 10 years using them to ride horses. And they are also ideal because their sole, volume and materials are designed for it:

  • Our VERACRUZ boots are made of top quality cowhide. This type of skin has a great resistance and beauty, we must remember that Sancho Boots selects each and every one of the leather batches.
  • The sole is made of natural cowhide leather, which allows a great grip and breathability of the feet.
  • This type of manufacture is very special, of great quality and respects the anatomy of our feet, because the gap between the sole and the sole (remember that they are sewn) is filled with a natural cork agglomerate which is worked hot to be completely adapted. This cork "insole" after a week of using the boots has been "drawn" with our foot; that is to say, our covered boots adapt perfectly to the personalised anatomy of our foot.

Finally, we have some elegant and very feminine boots for horse riding, but also for wearing jeans or leggings, and as we cannot forget fashion, we can wear our Sancho Boots with spring and steaming dresses.

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      jun 17, 2013

      Yo no las utilizo para montar a caballo, pero con vaqueros quedan d.p.pm. En septiembre me toca renovar.

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      ene 29, 2020


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