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Australian Boots. These are the boots you can wear best when it is freezing cold outside. Take a look at our site and find yourself surprised at our outlet prices. An exceptional gift at an exceptional price.

This model is based upon Sancho Boots’s classic model that has been a success with our clients for years. The basic model has been modified and other kinds of leather have been used. The pig skin and goat linings have been replaced by fur.

The kind of leather that was used to manufacture these boots comes from a smaller goat species that has got distinctive longer hair and a larger caloric value. The skin is of premium quality and can be considered as noble and luxury material.

This is the same skin that is used in coat’s collars, cuffs and even to make complete pieces of clothing. In the different boot models we find combinations with oiled cows leather which makes them resistant against rain and puddles and easy to clean.

In another model, we find a more urban and contemporary combination of nubuck and woolen fabric in different colours such as grey, maroon and checkered red. My favourite model is the boot from black oiled leather with grey fabric and natural fur lining.

I can assure you that this was one of the best models that I could get hold of. It is made with the utmost care while the quality and our brand’s design have been maintained. The many requests we get from mid and northern Europe, currently enduring a cold front, are the proof. Do not miss this interesting opportunity and enjoy a large discount in our outlet.

At Sancho Boots you will find a line of boots in different colours with an urban and contemporary feel. Over the last few days we have been thinking of our clients in northern Europe where boots have to be able to endure these extremely low temperatures and apart from cold fronts, also rain and snow.

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