History of Sancho Boots
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History of Sancho Boots. The boots of our SANCHO BOOTS brand are manufactured exclusively in Spain and specifically in Almansa (Albacete). To describe us a little more, we look at the industrial ancestors in this area.

Sancho Boots MuseumAlmansa was and is a place characterized by a variety of entrepreneurial activities and excellent workers. In 1930 there were already big factories like the company "Hijos de Francisco Coloma", which employed up to 1200 workers and which specialized in the production of shoes. Half of these workers were women and they were and traditionally are responsible for the adornments of the shoes. (The jewellery is the decorative seams as well as the different leather pieces of the upper material, the inner lining and the connection between the two materials. This tradition is still upheld at Sancho today.

The factories were built with a clear social character, because the women created shelters for the children, schools, hairdressers with an affordable service, consumer cooperatives that made their service and their products cheaper for the workers etc.. The philosophy is very similar to that of today in the world's major financial centres. The aim was for the workers to be satisfied and to improve their quality of life within the possibilities of those times.

In 1947, after a severe economic crisis, Almansa experienced the closure of numerous shoe factories and difficult times. The population, and above all the active entrepreneurs, relied on the auto-correction of employment in shoe factories, which differed in the quality and type of manufacture.

It is precisely this economic period in Sancho Abarca, now Sancho Trading, that emerges. Many workers were left without employment because of the above-mentioned crisis and after clarifying some issues with the Ministry of Labour from that time they founded a cooperative and began their way in the difficult but beautiful world of shoes.

On 31 January 1947, her career began at the Sancho factory.

Sancho Boots Museum

The cooperative had a clear social character in its beginnings and both a school and a barber were part of the staff. This was due to the inheritance of the past and attempts were made to maintain certain advantages for the workers.

As time went by, everyone realized that modernization was necessary to remain competitive. The market was increasingly flooded with imports of foreign footwear of neither the same quality then nor now, but consumers bought them.

Due to these changes and technical improvements, the company, like many other companies in the sector, did not survive the economic change and was forced to close down.

Preserving the same brand and quality, but with new ideas, Sancho Trading was born again in 1998 with a staff of old workers from Sancho Abarca, whose hands so lovingly carry out every process of creating our shoes, bringing energy, vitality, ideas, designs and a lot of will to work to young people.

The Sancho factory also specialises in offering its customers a wide range of models such as motorcycle boots, western boots, country dancing boots with Cuban heels, custom-made boots, hunting boots, textile boots for cowboys and cowgirls made of exotic leathers such as phyton, crocodile and shark, etc.

Sancho is also constantly improving its new collection of autoclave-made sports shoes, slippers, boots and ankle boots, which stand out for their comfort and the quality of the Sancho Boots brand.  Sancho has had great success at world level and today the very first companies are commercialized with international fashion. We are proud to know that our shoes, produced at the Sancho factory in Almansa, can be seen on the best catwalks in the world.

Sancho Boots Museum

Today, Sancho is a competitive company that is very active and owns the SANCO BOOTS, LOTUS and JOHN SPENCER brands. Sanco also manufactures for the best prestige and luxury brands at world level.

The SANCHO BOOTS brand counts in a very special way of manufacturing. It is Goodyear Welted manufacture and the people who know our boots know it. This type of manufacturing combines the boots and boot tabs into an almost indestructible unit and it was this type that the American cowboys used to change the soles and heels and to maintain the basic structure of the boots for many years.

SANCHO FOR YOU, DISTRIBUIDOR OFICIAL DE SANCHO BOOTS is the result of the idea of launching the main brand SANCHO BOOTS on the international market and being known online to some.

We are true lovers of shoes and the romance of traditional production. We know that this brand stands out from others because it remains true to its principles of raw material quality and attention to detail.

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