Taking care of your Sancho boots will help to further increase their longevity. Regular care will increase their resistance to water and prevent the accumulation of dirt. The type of care will depend on the type of material:


  • After a rainy day, Sancho Boots should be dried at room temperature, away from any heat source (hair dryers, radiators, etc). It is a good idea to stuff them with newspaper so as to absorb all the moisture from the inside the boots.
  • Before cleaning them, remove the dirt on the outside with a slightly moist cloth. For stains on the leather, a bit of neutral soap can be used.


  • For oily leather, remove dirt with a damp cloth and then apply a small amount of horse fat with a sponge and spread it evenly. After moistening the leather, brush or wipe to polish the boots.
  • For oiled cowhide, clean off the dirt with a moist cloth, and apply cream or shoe polish with a sponge and spread it evenly with a brush.
  • Exotic leather, such as snake skin, should be cleaned in the direction of the scales with a moist cloth and a special cream for such skin applied. If such a cream is not available, a neutral moisturizer can also be used.
  • Suede or nubuck should be cleaned off dry, with a soft bristle brush and a protective spray applied.