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In Summer, your Sancho Boots Sancho Boots
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Welcome to the fashion of camp boots in summer , a comfortable, versatile fashion, and now becomes a very urban trend.

I am not at all surprised by this trend, as in the USA and Mexico, despite the heat of the summer months, boots are very common. Perhaps it is more a practical matter than a fashionable one, but the truth is that today, in the rest of the world, it is sweeping.

In rural areas of the U.S. and Mexico, as I have said, it is not so much fashion as necessity, or rather comfort. It goes without saying that people who work in direct contact with horses and the countryside appreciate having their feet and calves protected against possible falls, insect bites or dirt. But we have observed that the trend, in these places where boots are one more work tool, is to wear more elaborate and designed boots, and that despite the work we have, we like to be presentable and fashionable wearing quality booties and boots.

So when this fashion is launched to the street where we do not have to worry about the stains or if the color will change if I put the boots in the mud up to the ankles because it does so with more character, more daring, more colorful and with more delicate and exotic skins.

In the case of men the tendency is to wear booties/strong> with skins of exotic animals such as the python snake or with a skin of excellent quality but imitating the scale of exotic animals. This type of shoe gives a great character and strength to simple clothes such as jeans and a black t-shirt. Two items that are never missing in the boys' closets.

Botas Sancho Boots Eagle

In the case of women, there is a wide range of possibilities because we have different options, all of them valid, and to be able to use them in different occasions; I propose different ways of how to use your boots, creating day or night looks.

Let's imagine a simple, normal, brown-colored jacket boot with the typical cowboy stitching that characterizes it.

  • Summer day look: we can put on our jack boots in a white Ibizan-style dress and we will go perfect for shopping, to have a drink on a terrace or even to go to the beach (one of those Ibizan or Alicante coves that I like so much...).
  • Botín Pitón RojoInformal mid-afternoon look: our boots with a small flower printed dress, we can accompany this set with a short openwork vest in light shades like beige.
  • Night look: we wear our boots in our jackets Sancho Boots with a denim skirt and a nice top. An outfit that I love and find fresh and very bold is a pair of boots with a lot of colour like red with a denim miniskirt and a white Ibizan style blouse . I've seen it on and it's a scandal with the lips also painted red..

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