Botas y Botines en Verano
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This summer I'm going for the fashion Jackets Boots and texas with a dress, I've decided to wear it because after seeing our celebrities with this look it has captivated me. The first have been American actresses like Kristen Stewart, they are always the most daring, but for some time now we can see very well-known Spaniards in the media who have joined this trend, Sara Carbonero, Elsa Pataki...

It has always been thought that boots or boots are a winter shoe, a reason not to miss, but after the latest trends we are changing our way of thinking.

Spring and summer are ideal seasons for striped or slave sandals, of course, but why should we discard a look as fresh and modern as a spring flower dress with beautiful boots in brown tones. In addition, we can always replace the jacket or jeans boots with boots of the same characteristics.

Another way to use the boots camperas or the jeans that do not fail and you wear very comfortable is a denim mini skirt (we all have one, it is a wardrobe bottom because it fits with everything) with an Ibizan style sleeveless shirt. We already have another comfortable and super modern style.  

Sancho Boots con Vestido Blanco

  It's not that I personally am a great follower of the latest trends, but it is that this one is perfectly adapted to the type of footwear that I usually use, the jeans boots are my passion and hence my work and our shop.

I have always watched the boots with jeans, leather pants or winter dresses, but it has been a novelty for me to observe how the boots with spring dresses look wonderful...

It has also fascinated me to see how a very different audience has set out to wear boots with dresses; I have to say that in some cases this is more daring because the visual effect is rare if we are not used to it. So I'm going to thank our celebrities for wearing boots and boots with dresses so well and especially the creators and commentators of trends because they encourage us to break with many established prejudices and the result is beautiful, comfortable, very practical.

I have to say in favour of this summer fashion , that if the boots used are made of quality leather, women do not have to be warm in their feet; we go what we commonly call boiling our feet. Well-tanned and well-treated quality leather is ideal for wearing on your feet, as it breathes in both summer and winter, protects you from extreme temperatures and humidity; and if it is fully up to date, what more could you ask for?

Enjoy a summer full of emotions, food, terrace with friends and let yourself be carried away by the latest fashion trends and sign up for the summer dress with boots or boots Sancho Boots. You will triumph!

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