Electric Love: New album by Susan Santos
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Susan Santos' passion for music led her to learn to play the guitar and sing in a self-taught way. With the passage of time, he took a step further and dared to compose, with which his particular style and musical character began to take shape.

Susan SantosThis Extremadura native claims the blues music in body and soul and shows it disc after disc, performance after performance. His latest album uses the most primitive rudiments of the genre, beautiful and passionate compositions sculpted with volcanic rhythms and guitars well charged with his character.

After being part of several bands and having recorded two albums with one of them, in 2009 he moved to Madrid to fight for his dream and start a new project that would take his name; “Susan Santos".

 The following year he recorded her first album as a band “Take me home” (Grasa Records, 2010) and in his music we can find influences of Blues, Rock and Pop.

The release of this album was followed by a tour of renowned venues, clubs and festivals, sharing the stage with Joe Bonamassa, Jimmie Vaughan, The Fabolous, Thunderbirds, Joe, Buddy Whittington and Louis Walker among others.

Susan Santos Concierto

In April 2011, they started their European tour and opened the Bluesroute Festival in Masstricht (Holland), the BluesCazorla Festival (2010) and the Rock Blues Gellen (Switzerland).

That same year her second work would be released, “Shuffle Woman” (Peer Music). From then on she worked in the studio and recorded in the studio. She collaborates as a guitarist and chorus player for different artists, both live and in the studio.

Susan Santos Electric LoveShe took part in several television programmes such as "Mucho que ganar" on the Sixth and "La mañana de la 1" on Televisión Española for two years. She is currently participating as a guitarist in the theatrical show "The Hole 2" at the Teatro La Latina in Madrid.

This year, 2014 releases her new album “Electric Love” (Paella Records). An electric Blues record very faithful to her musical principles. Eleven songs that sing about the past and the future with great emotion. A voice that is sometimes sweet and sometimes ragged, is heard on a base of guitars that take you through an elegant Rock-Blues to longed-for or dreamed-of times. With Electric Love, Susan continues to make her mark on the contemporary European Blues-Rock scene.

She debuted in 2010 with a first album called Take me home (Grasa Records). In 2012 she returned to the charge with Shuffle woman (Peer Music). 2014 seems to be the year of Susan Santos thanks to the release of Electric love (Paella Records), an album full of electricity and blues-rock-pop.

Electric Love is the title of the album, directed by David Souza. In her eleven songs she shows journeys to the past and future. A work interwoven with emotions. Here's her first track single, the title track of the album.

Her new album is now also available on Spotify, ,iTunes and Amazon platforms. The official presentation will be at the "El Sol" hall in Madrid, on March 17th at 22:00 Hours.

Don't miss the opportunity to see her on stage, where her voice, elegant guitar playing style and aggressive staging merge.

For more information:

Web: www.susansantos.info Twitter: @susansantos_ Facebook: www.facebook.com/susansantosband Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/susansantosmusic Instagram: instagram.com/susan_santos  

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