How to take care of your Sancho Boots?
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For the production of Sancho Boots, only the best leather on the market is used, therefore their maintenance is not an elaborate job, it does not take very long and you only need to do a few things.

One has to make sure that the different varieties of leather are being recognized in order to establish the procedures needed in order to care for them. This is needed in order to maintain their mint condition as long as possible and in order to make sure they lead a long and happy boot life.

This type of care is also needed in order to make sure that the boots keep shining for a long time. When taken care of in an optimal way, you should be able to wear Sancho Boots at least 10 years or even longer.

  • Boots made from oiled leather are all boots of the GRAS CUERO and GRAS BLACK varieties.

Sancho Boots Custom Engineer

In order to establish whether boots were made from this leather, you can hold the leather in your hands and if you can sense a supple and soft touch, that equals the feeling that you have when you touch a wax candle. This delicate surface establishes itself during the tanning process. This kind of leather distinguishes itself by a great resistance against fat, oil and water. This kind of leather is exceptionally well suited for the production of bikers’ boots.

1. You clean most of the dirt with a moist cotton cloth which is free of fluff and in case the stains do not disappear, you administer some neutral soap with a cloth with which you can treat the stains.

2. In case the boots are wet, we advise you to fill the boots with absorbent paper, which will absorb the moisture. But, in any case, do not put the boots next to a heat source (radiators, stoves, central heating) otherwise the leather as well as the soles can be damaged. The leather dries best in a natural way and at room temperature. When the leather is dry, you rub it in with horse fat; this guarantees the necessary degree of moisture in order to keep our boots in perfect condition. (You can find horse fat in your local shoe accessories shop or directly, at Sancho’s)

3. Administer a small amount of horse fat regularly in order to keep the leather moist and supple. This treatment is very important to our boots, because this is a kind of nutrition for the leather and it protects the Sancho Boots against stains.

  • Boots made of other leather or non oiled cow hide

Sancho Boots White Eagle

It is very easy to recognize this type of leather, because it is being made with a regular tanning technique. This is all about these kinds of leather – or other kinds of leather that do not have a waxy feeling. And that do not cause a shiny or metallic feeling while being touched (That kind of leather is also known as Florentic) In our collection for instance, we find the WHITE EAGLE boots, in a combination of three colours, which have been made from this material.

1. In all cases, first remove any dirt before you start the rest of the care. Therefore it is best that you use a soft brush, a moist, fluff free cotton cloth, and if the stains cannot be removed, you can administer a little bit of neutral soap with a cloth.

2.In order to keep the boots supple and to let them always look good, you can always apply a little bit of horse fat or good neutral shoe polish or shoe polish in the same colour of the leather and you either brush the leather or rub it with a fluff free cotton cloth.

3. We recommend to always use horse fat because it nourishes the leather through its natural capacities and it makes that leather does not lose its colour. You always have to take into account here that each time you use shoe polish, the leather will become a little bit darker, but then when the shoe polish has been absorbed by the leather, the leather will regain its natural colour.

4. When you use other products that do not contain horse fat or that are not meant for shoe care such as body lotion, Nivea among others, it may occur that the colour of the leather changes or that uneven stains occur.

5. In case the boots get wet, they have to get dry, but place them never close to a heather or in direct sunlight. Therefore, you would better put newspaper or paper towels inside the boots because it absorbs superfluous moist. Afterwards, you generously apply horse fat, which makes the leather supple again and makes it waterproof and gives back its natural beauty.

  • Exotic varieties of leather: snake leather, iguana leather, leather from lizards or crocodile leather

In all descriptions on our website, we always refer to the different kinds of leather that are being used in the production of our boots and especially when manufacturing our boots from exotic leather materials. Of all exotic leather varieties, snake leather is the finest and the most precious.

1. Remove the dirt from the boots with a moist cotton cloth. Always rub towards the scales (particularly with snake leather). When rubbing against the scales, the scales may loosen. Regularly apply cream that is suitable for exotic leather varieties or a neutral body lotion (but not with cow hide, stains may occur when cow hide is treated with body lotion). On the boot leg which is regularly made of cow hide, you best apply horse fat with a fluff free cotton cloth, which will ensure the absorption of the horse fat by the leather.

2. Wet boots must be dried beforehand (but place them never close to a heather or in direct sunlight). Therefore, you would better put newspaper or paper towels inside the boots because this will support the drying process and will absorb superfluous moist. Please, apply a sufficient amount of special cream for exotic leather or body lotion, which makes the leather supple again and makes it waterproof and gives back its natural beauty.

  • Boots made of brushed leather, split leather or nubuck boots

These kinds of leather often have a velvet like or hairy feel to them. They tend to be a little bit vulnerable when wet and therefore they are best protected against moisture, contrary to boots made out of other kinds of leather. Boots from brushed leather and split leather and nubuck leather can also become damaged when frequently exposed to moisture.

1. Take a soft haired brush to remove dirt from the boots. In case the stains remain on the boots, because they cannot be removed with a dry brush, then you can used a wet brush or a moist cotton cloth, and in case of persistent stains, you can apply a little bit of neutral soap.

2. For these kinds of boots, you will find creams and sprays at a nearby cobbler, shoemaker or in specialized branches of supermarkets and department stores.

3. We advise you to use special sprays to take care of brushed leather or nubuck. This is a very simple thing to do, in that sense that you can spray the clean and dry boots and booties from a 25 to 30 cm distance, and hereby you move the boots in such a way that the cleaning spray is being evenly distributed over the boots, and that in this way, the boots are totally protected again.

4. In case the boots get wet, they have to be dried before they are cleaned (but place them never close to a heather or in direct sunlight). Therefore, you would better put newspaper or paper towels inside the boots because this will support the drying process and will absorb superfluous moist. Afterward you best apply a sufficient amount of spray for nubuck leather or split leather which makes the leather waterproof and makes it look natural again.

5. In case there are grease stains on the leather which cannot be removed using the aforementioned cleaning methods, you can rub in a domestic grease remover (such as KH7) in order to obtain a good cleaning result; but we advise you not to use this cleaning method all too often, because this may affect the leather aggressively.

6. The last advice we would like to give you for those boots that have been worn for years and that have stains that cannot be removed with the aforementioned products, but that you do not want to throw away. Rub horse fat into these boots, until the leather obtains the colour of the stains. This way you are able to treat nubuck which afterwards will look like regular leather.

This treatment must be performed in such a way that you apply a generous amount of horse fat abundantly, afterwards you let it sit for 12 hours. Thereafter, you brush the boots with a soft haired brush in order to remove the fat that has not been absorbed; afterwards, you polish the boots with a fluff free cotton cloth, in order to obtain that shiny look.

  • Boots from shiny or Florentic leather

This leather is easy to recognize. It is normally used for Texas boots such as our model EAGLE ROCK. It is a shiny leather variety and mostly, this kind of leather is somewhat thicker.

1. Please use a moist cloth to remove dirt from the leather surface.

2. Use a small amount of polish or shoe cream of the same colour as the leather in order to take care of this leather variety. It is important to only use a small amount of shoe cream; otherwise the leather will not be shiny enough.

3. Brush or rub the boots with a fluff free cotton cloth until you have obtained the result you wished for. In order to obtain nice shiny boots, it is necessary to use a brush or a cotton cloth to remove superfluous shoe cream.

4. In case the boots become wet, they have to be dried before they are cleaned (but place them never close to a heather or in direct sunlight). Therefore, you would better put newspaper or paper towels inside the boots because this will support the drying process and will absorb superfluous moist. Afterwards, do apply sufficient polish and shoe cream until the leather has regained its natural appearance and beauty.


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